Reflections of Me, an Addict

GJ: Reflections of Me, an Addict

I am a Man
I thought I was a strong Man:
– A brave Man
– a warrior;
I thought I would never need help;
I thought I never needed God
I thought I could manage all my pain
I thought I was stronger in secret of my hurt and in silence
I thought I was justified

These thoughts became my failure to trust,
A failure to empathise
A failure to listen
A failure to love
A failure to care

These thoughts crippled me to a point of numbness

I was a Man;
A Man that is a sceptic, a crippled Man who became an Addict
Now I am an addict who is finding his inner child:
– learning to be brave
– learning to be a warrior
Asking for help
Sharing my pain
Finding my voice
Restoring trust in myself
Learning to listen and care
Learning to become a real MAN
Brave enough to say I am an ADDICT
Asking God to fortify ME, this is who I’d rather be.

If you have a problem with porn and need help,


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